Orthopedic Physical Therapy 

What to Expect

What to Expect:

Your first visit will be one hour, and will include your evaluation and initial treatment.  Our goal is that you get some relief with your very first visit.  Your physical therapist will determine the appropriate treatment plan for your condition and will forward his or her treatment plan to your referring and primary care physicians. 

30 minute follow up visits will be scheduled according to the recommendations of your physical therapist and your physician.  Additional visits will not automatically be scheduled beyond this first series, so if you require additional treatment we will need you to stop at the reception desk or call the business office to make additional appointments.

 What to Bring:

At your first visit we will need you to bring your insurance card and any recommendations from your referring physician.  If you go to our Forms page you can download all of our billing paperwork and bring that in with you as well.  If your physician has given you copies of x-ray or MRI reports your physical therapist will want to see them. If your physician would like to fax any reports to us, our fax number is 413-776-5050.

 What to Wear:

Bring or wear comfortable, loose clothing.  Your physical therapist will probably have you perform various movements to determine your range of motion and you will not want to be restricted by your clothing. For example, wear shorts for any lower extremity issues, and loose fitting shirts for any upper extremity issue. As your treatment progresses you may be performing exercises so, again, you will not want to wear restrictive clothing.

If you're coming in for foot, ankle or knee pain, or an orthotics fitting, please bring the shoes you most commonly wear.

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