Orthopedic Physical Therapy 

Medical Weight Loss


OPT’s Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program

Covered by Insurance
Medically Supervised by a Physical Therapist

  • Initial Assessment and plan preparation is done with you and the Physical Therapist is 1 hour long
  • You are shown your exercise program 1 on 1 with a P.T.A
  • Your follow-ups to reassess your progress and formulate new goals and program changes are with your team 


  •  Free membership to The Body Shoppe
  • Assessments, reassessments and training are covered by your insurances
  • Copays apply

How Do I Qualify for this Program?

  • Your Doctor must prescribe this program
  • Your Doctor will calculate your BMI which needs to meet a criteria level for your insurance carrier to approve this program (BMI of 30 or more)

Contact us with questions 413-773-3379



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