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Dry Needling

Linda A. Sharkey, DPT, has taken specialized training, and is certified for Level 1 Functional Dry Needling. She has been a practicing PT for 9 years, including 7 years at OPT

Functional Dry Needling at OPT

What is Dry Needling?

Functional Dry Needling (FDN) involves inserting a tiny monofilament needle into muscle(s) to release shortened bands of tissue, and decrease trigger point activity and pain. This can help reduce pain, muscle tension, promote healing, and improve range of motion.

What is a Trigger Point?
Trigger Points are highly sensitive areas of muscles that can be tender and limit movement. Some people refer to them as "knots."

Is FDN like Acupuncture?
FDN uses the same tool-a thin needle-but a different approach and goals. FDN treats muscles in the body, based on a foundation of scientific principles of muscle physiology. Acupuncture treats energy points in the body.

Does it hurt?

Generally, patients will feel their muscles "twitch", and there may be muscle soreness afterward.

Who can benefit from FDN?
Almost anyone dealing with muscle spasms, tightness, decreased ROM, "knots", and pain.
Are there side effects?

Side effects can include muscle soreness, and bruising of the skin.

Why get FDN at OPT?
You come to OPT for quality care and hands-on, 1-on1 treatments. FDN is a natural complement to our services, having helped thousands of people feel better and move better across the US for over a decade


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